The Last Mile

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Featuring; Amby Burfoot, Tommy Danger, Joseph Nzau, Justin Gillette, Ernest Kebenei and many more.
This inspiring new film from runner and cinematographer John Burkett documents his adventures into a new life free of his destructive past and into a world on the run. At age thirty, newly sober, out walking his dog he decided to take what became the first of many runs.

“No exercise I have ever tried did I really enjoy. So what is the difference with running? It can be so hard but still I crave it. Using up hours every week but still I feel it’s important to keep balance. Is it spiritual, is it just for the competitive, or is it primal, woven into every gene in our body? So why do we do it? Why do we run?”

Whats the story behind the last mile?

After training months for a local marathon I was out on a taper run and was feeling great and went a little to fast. A little tweak to the foot had my foot a little sore on the way home. The next day the pain continued, and by the long run a couple days later I realized I was in trouble when the pain was severe just two miles in.

Bummed but trying to make the best of it I decided to take my camera down to the race... I wanted to film a few of the racers. One running the race was a personal hero of mine Casey Shafer and another was a guy Justin Gillette that won the race every year. The year before he did it while winning another marathon the night before! I rode on a motorcycle watching him clip off mile after mile at an unbelievable pace while poison ivy was all over his legs. After he won I asked for a sit down interview. He accepted and after a awesome interview and a second appointment to meet his father in law and farm I wondered if I might have a documentary on my hands. He suggested some other people I might want to try. Another person suggested a girl with CF up in Michigan... On the way out Emily suggested a guy Tommy running across america currently in Texas for CF.

I was gathering a pretty epic collection of runners from the elite Kenyans in Santa Fe to the inspirational like Josh a man running with no hands or feet. I called up my all time hero Amby Burfoot from runners world and winner of the 68 Boston Marathon to see if possibly I could get a little footage. To my surprise he would sit down taking time out form his vacation for me. I knew I had some incredible, diverse views but I needed to pull it all together. I decided to use myself and some of my thoughts i've always wondered about running. Within a few months I had the first edit and after several more cuts, views, and edits "The Last Mile" was born.

This film not only inspires people to run or move it inspired and actually changed the whole trajectory of my life. After traveling and documenting these amazing people I felt so grateful for the life I've been given. I think of what Grace Butcher says in the film, "You don't want to get to the end of your life and say those sad, sad words... if only." It hit home with me and I knew I wanted to make some changes and follow my dreams.

Several months later our home is sold, we are preparing and converting a school bus into a rv. The whole family is getting ready to hit the rode to start on the second documentary. I'm walking away from a successful commercial video business and am starting with a fulfilling life, hopefully inspiring people to do more and live more. I hope you all enjoy the film!

-John Burkett