the last mile ; a running documentary

Available on iTunes and Gaia.

1st full length documentary all shot and produced by john burkett of red tide productions.

Featuring; Amby Burfoot, Tommy Danger, Joseph Nzau, Justin Gillette, Ernest Kebenei and many more.

This inspiring new film from runner and cinematographer John Burkett documents his adventures into a new life free of his destructive past and into a world on the run. At age thirty, newly sober, out walking his dog he decided to take what became the first of many runs. 

“No exercise I have ever tried did I really enjoy. So what is the difference with running? It can be so hard but still I crave it. Using up hours every week but still I feel it’s important to keep balance. Is it spiritual, is it just for the competitive, or is it primal, woven into every gene in our body? So why do we do it? Why do we run?”